Marco Tamagno
Software Developer
About Me

Born on December 26 1990, I had my first experience with a computer at the age of 6.

My first console was an Amiga, through it i learnt how to copy floppy disk, how to use word and the computer basics.

At age of 12 i started developing sites and forums, thanks to some visual software that helped me in my works. In that period i started learning some markup language like html.

Two years later i started developing games through two kind of software i found on a computer magazine: RPG Maker 2000 and Game Maker. That throwed me in my first experiences with coding some simple script.

Finally in HighSchool I started learning some programming languages such c, c++, assembly and some elettronics.

In that period thanks to my forums and the forums where i was administrator or moderator i started using tools like Adobe Photoshop, Paint shop pro, Adobe Illustrator and similars.

After i took my degree i decided to study "Informatica applicata" in Urbino, and i've not graduated yet, i'm still studying many programming languages but i already know c, c#, java, javascript, sql and php.

With the support of other students I started learning javascript, and made, thanks to it, a WebApp with them called BlueBlocks.

We posted it in the Google Playstore.

While making university I have done some saltuary job on the stock of a clothing store.

Now i am at my last year, few exams are left and i am starting developing for android devices and looking for a job were i can deeper my skills.

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    2013 - now

    University of Urbino

    Informatica Applicata

    2011 - 2012

    Tecnico dell'informazione

    Computer graphics expert

    2005 - 2010

    ITIS A.Meucci Castelfidardo (AN)

    Elettronics and telecomunications section